Who is the Alliance?

We are the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, a nonprofit corporation (501c3) dedicated to the support of Christian state home education leaders.

Founded in 2002, The National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership hosts an annual training conference designed to allow leaders of Christian state homeschool organizations to meet, network and support one another. The conference began in 1988 and was originally sponsored by the Teaching Home magazine. The purpose of the Alliance is to preserve the annual conference and to find ways for Christian state leaders to help one another throughout the year.

As stated in our bylaws:

The Alliance exists to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by providing support, services, communication, and the exchange of information for Christian home education leaders and organizations. All activities of The Alliance shall be consistently and forthrightly Christian.

Having a Speakers Referral System on the Internet is one of the ways the Alliance members can help each other throughout the year. We look forward to working with you to serve the homeschool families in our states.