The Alliance Speaker Referral System

This is the log-in page for the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership (the Alliance) Speaker Referral System. Homeschool speakers who have been placed on this list by Alliance-affiliated organizations use this website to update their personal information, bio, session titles and descriptions.

After an Alliance-affiliated organization has its annual conference, the organizers list the conference speakers on the Alliance web site. They provide basic contact information and a list of the topics addressed by the speakers.

If you have been placed in the Speaker Referral System, we invite you to log in with the password we have provided and add information such as your bio and session descriptions. By doing this, you will be aiding conference planners in their selection process. Alliance-affiliated organizations coordinate the majority of Christian homeschool conferences in the states.

If you are not in the Speaker Referral System, and you have recently spoken at an Alliance-affiliated organization conference, please contact the conference coordinator and ask him or her to place you in the Alliance Speaker Referral System.

This system provides a way for speakers and state leaders to work together to serve the homeschool families in their states. Thank you for serving with us.

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